The Humane Society of Jefferson County, TN provides the following services to the citizens of Jefferson County and the cities within the county as well as surrounding counties:

  • Maintains an active adoption program which includes spay/neuter, microchip, and age appropriate vaccinations.
  • Pet food pantry
  • Low cost spay/neuter clinics held monthly


August 1978 – The first HSJC was organized. Volunteers kept cats and dogs at their homes.

January 1979 – HSJC was incorporated as a non-profit animal welfare group with the state of Tennessee. Volunteers operated from their homes.

July 1983 – First animal control is jointly funded by Dandridge, Jefferson City, Jefferson County, New Market and White Pine. These 5 governmental bodies paid for the first Animal Control Officer and ACO truck.  HSJC volunteers used old Jefferson City dog pound for dogs and kept cats at their homes.

July 1985 – HSJC volunteers built the first county wide animal shelter from private donations. The facility housed dogs and cats and was used by ACO and operated by HSJC volunteers.

July 1989 – July 1993 HSJC keeps the Animal Shelter open with volunteers, donations and modest support from Jefferson City and Jefferson County

October 1993 – HSJC closes the Animal Shelter due to lack of operating and serious disrepair.

February 1994 – HSJC reopens Animal Shelter with emergency funds from the cities and private donations.

July 1994 – An annual budget funded by the cities and county allow the Animal Shelter to function.

January 1995 – HSJC completes reconstruction of the Animal Shelter funded by private donations.

1996 – 1997 – A new wing is added to the shelter to house puppies. New cages are purchased and heat added.

2017 – Purchased a new facility and began renovations.

March 2018 – Closed at our previous location and began the moving process to our new facility.

July 2018 – Re-opened as a private, limited intake, No-Kill facility.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors for 2018/2019 are:

President – Scott Lubas
Vice President – Roxanne Dunlap
Secretary – Shirley Hammond
Treasurer -Hillary Combs

At Large:

Janet Lubas

Amber Mullins

Dave Ventieri

Sigrid Yancey

2014/15 Year in review


  • We continued to maintain our aging facility adding more stainless steel cages for our kitties; volunteers revamped our communal cat rooms.

Operations/Public Relations

 We participated in increasing numbers of adoption events

  •  Our social media presence continued to evolve
  •  We increased our participation in rescue transport
  •  We hosted PALs 2-3 times a month (helping to increase the number of animals spayed/neutered in Jefferson county)
  •  We assisted financially those in need to spay/neuter their pets
  •  We had food available for pets whose owners needed assistance to maintain them
  •  We continued to have adoption ads in the Standard Banner and Jefferson County Post
  •  We welcomed an active volunteer coordinator
  •  We commissioned a new logo 
  •  We commissioned a new website 
  •  We committed to a 5 year plan the culmination of which is a new shelter 
  •  Our donation boxes in the community continued to do well and provided funding for spay/neuter and rescue transport
  •  We appreciated our good relationship with the sheriff’s department
  •  We provided speakers whenever we could to further educate the public about our services

What is encouraging is most, if not all, improvements were either donated, provided at a reduced cost or made possible by continued community support.

Shelter Statistics


  • 09/10: 3545
  • 2011: 3674
  • 2012: 2959
  • 2013: 3079
  • 2014: 3161
  • 2015: 3195
  • 2016: 2819
  • 2017: 3179
    Money from donation boxes goes to support rescue transport and assist those in financial need with spay/neuter. Our intake is slowly decreasing and we think spay/neuter is making the difference. AND we are saving more animals thanks to rescue transport.
  • *HSJC served the Jefferson County Animal Control contract and operated as an open intake shelter.
    2017: 3179 animals taken in
    1210 adopted out (160 of which were returned to owner)
    1325 euthanized (HSJC had to practice euthanasia as it was a full intake shelter under Jefferson County contract)

  • *HSJC gives up the Jefferson County Animal Control contract and now operates as a limited intake, no-kill facility.
    2018 January – March: 

    276 animals taken in

    192 adopted out

    71 Out to Rescue/Transport

    13 euthanized due to animals being injured or sick beyond medical repair under Veterinary recommendation.