Finding a Home for a Pet

If you must find a new home for your own pet, consider trying the following before turning your pet into the Humane Society:

NEWSPAPER: Place an ad in the classified section of your local newspaper: The Standard Banner (Jefferson County); Citizen Tribune (Morristown); Newport Plain Talk (Newport).  Give the animal’s primary breed, age, sex, and a few words to describe its temperament.

We recommend that you  DO NOT offer the pet “FREE TO GOOD HOME”. Please be sure that the animal is spayed or neutered BEFORE you place it in a new home!  There is a good chance you will be contributing to the homeless pet problem in our area if you place an unaltered pet.

When people call in response to your newspaper ad, ask questions to help you decide if the people will provide a good home for your pet.

Be prepared to provide honest answers to any questions the respondents might have of you regarding the pet. Examples of questions you might wish to ask.

  • What is the living situation? (apartment, house, farm…)
  • Have they had pets in the past? (awareness of routine expenses, veterinary reference…)
  • Who is in the family? (young children, other pets…)
  • How will the pet be contained? (leash walking, fenced yard, invisible fence…)
  • What is the family’s lifestyle? (inside and quiet, outside and active, frequent traveling, how long are they gone during the day…)

A responsible adopter will be glad to answer these and other questions. If the caller sounds like a good prospect, offer to visit the home with the pet. If you are satisfied that the home is well-suited for the pet, great! If not, take the pet home and continue to look for a better match.

FLYERS: Create a nice flyer with your pet’s picture. Post the flyer in pet supply stores and vet clinics. The most likely adopters are people who love and already have animals!

E-MAIL: Take a digital picture of your pet and e-mail it to friends and coworkers for forwarding to their friends and coworkers, etc. Word of mouth works wonders!

WEB SITES: Contact the Breed Rescue Group of your animal’s primary breed to see if they can assist with placing your pet.

CRITTER MAGAZINECritter is a monthly magazine with pictures and descriptions of animals available for adoption in the Knoxville area. It is widely distributed throughout Knoxville each month, and provides free magazine space for people who are caring for pets needing homes.  a picture and description of your pet and ask that your pet be included in the next issue.