Our Policies

The adoption fee includes:                                                      The adoption fee does NOT include:

Distemper/Parvo (D2PP) & Bordetella vaccines (dogs)               Feline leukemia testing/parvo testing

FEL4 vaccine (cats)                                                                               Fecal Test

De-wormer                                                                                              Bath or dip

Spay or neuter                                                                                         Heartworm prevention

Heartworm Test (dogs 6mo+)                                                              Treatment of any illness

  • Adoption Policies:

    • All adoption fees are paid directly to the Humane Society of Jefferson County and must be paid in full before any animal can be adopted.
    • All animals at HSJC will be spayed/neutered PRIOR to adoption. We will not make any exceptions.
    • All current animals in the applicant’s home MUST be up-to-date on their vaccines and have a history of routine annual vaccines. If the applicant has current animals or has had an animal in the last 3 years, a Veterinarian must be listed on the application.
    • We require a meet & greet with all current household dogs for all of our adult dogs to ensure they will get along and can be fur-friends.
    • We cannot hold any animal without a deposit. A deposit places a hold on that animal for a certain amount of time so the applicants can have meet & greets, get prepared for their new animal, or if the animal has not been spayed/neutered yet and therefore cannot go home, this allows the applicant to hold them while they wait for surgery day. Deposits are non-refundable and non-transferable.
    • In order to adopt, you must show proof of residency. You must provide either a lease for a rental, mortgage statement, deed, or land taxes. *If renting, your lease must state pets are permitted and if a deposit is required, you must provide a receipt that you have paid the pet deposit.
    • HSJC does NOT adopt out to homes who want to keep the pet outside only. A pet should be part of the family.
    • All cat/kitten(s) must be in a carrier before leaving our facility. You will need to bring your own pet taxi or purchase a cardboard cat carrier at our facility.

    *The Humane Society of Jefferson County reserves the right to refuse adoptions to anyone for the protection of our animals – they are our top priority.*