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We have already fallen desperately in love with Nya. She and Dash, our 9 year old German Shepherd Dog, are becoming fast friends. She is eating well and loves to chase the butterflies in our five acre fenced perimeter. She seems so happy to have humans and lights up when we get home or go […]


Sending this this morning for thanksgiving. From SARAH in her new backyard. You took care of her and took her in and followed your hunch and lead…. Jefferson City Humane Society youre now on our giving tree. ( Lockport Illinois


Thought y’all would enjoy some pics of Gator. He is fitting right in here with his new family! He is very gentle and I think after working with him a little bit we can conquer his food aggression. (He already is showing improvement just after one time) He is such a wonderful boy!!

Landon aka Sully

Update: “Sully”, formally known as Landon came at a time when I thought I was not ready. I have two other dogs and a cat, but had just lost my “Oakland” weeks before meeting Landon. I fell instantly in love and he has brought me so much laughter and love! He is a crazy mess […]

Skye aka Fancy

Thank you for our Skye! She was named Fancy but we decided that she just didn’t look like a “Fancy” so Skye it is. She is a little shy, but very loving and affectionate. She tries to “bury” food, but is beginning to eat better. She is now loving walks as well. We think she […]