All adopted animals must be spayed or neutered before they can go home. Any animal not big enough to be fixed can be fostered until they are big enough; you must be a resident of Jefferson County in order to foster to adopt.

We want to help you choose just the right pet for you and your family. Please take a look at our adoptable pets then c’mon in for a visit. We would love to help you. Feel free to read some adoption tips from the ASPCA.


Adoption fees:

  • All dogs/puppies: $100
  • All cats/kittens: $50

Senior animals (age 7 yrs and older):

  • Dogs already spayed/neutered: $50
  • Dogs not spayed/neutered: $75
  • Cats already spayed/neutered: $20
  • Cats not spayed/neutered: $35

* the adoption fee for dogs/cats includes the spay/neuter, wellness check, initial vaccination and rabies vaccination
* the adoption fee for dogs also includes a microchip, we can microchip your adopted cat for an additional $15 upon request
***No animal will be allowed to be adopted unless it has been fixed first. If you are interested in a foster-to-adopt situation for a small kitten or puppy please speak to a staff member. You MUST be a resident of Jefferson County in order to be considered for this option. ***

To download an adoption application click HERE.

To adopt a horse contact: Justin Levi 

Adoption Policy

The adoption fee includes:                  

  • First shot only
  • Deworming
  • Spay/Neuter
  • Heartworm test
  • Rabies shot

The adoption fee does NOT include:

  • Any extras
  • Bath or dip
  • Heartworm treatment
  • Treatment of any illness
  • Parvo testing

All adoption fees must be collected in full before any animal is released. NO CREDIT is ever given to anyone, including Humane Society members and officers.

  • All adoption fees are paid directly to the Humane Society of Jefferson County. The Humane Society then pays the veterinarian. No money profit is made from animal adoptions.
  •  Refunds on adoptions are only permitted within 10 days of the date of adoption. Animals which become sick or die within these 10 days may be returned to the shelter and another animal may be chosen to replace it.  While dead animals should be returned, sick animals must be returned, and all adoption papers for sick or dead animals must be returned to shelter if replacement is requested.
  • Adopted animals should be taken to one of our participating veterinarians (Animal Wellness, Lakeway,  Town & Country, Ridgefield,  or White Pine Animal Clinic) within 10 days of adoption to be checked and receive any needed  vaccinations.
  • We do not want to lose a sure chance for an animal to find a home, If someone desires to adopt a specific animal but cannot do so that day, we CANNOT hold that animal. If someone else comes in with the money to adopt the animal, we will adopt it out.
  • We do not board animals.
  • We cannot accept payment in advance and then “hold the animal for a few days”.  The owner is expected to take possession of their animal at the time of adoption.
  • We cannot accept surrendered animals with the understanding that we will call when the animal is adopted of before euthanizing.
  • We do not accept animals with the understanding that if they are not adopted the surrendering party may come back and pick up the animal.
  • An animal can only be returned to the surrendering party as a “Return to Owner” if owned or by adoption through payment of required fees if a stray.

Guidelines for Rescue Groups

The Humane Society of Jefferson County is happy to work with any local, regional or national group. In order to assure that Rescue Groups are legitimate we do request supportive information.

Required Documentation:

  • Proof that the group is a nonprofit or affiliated with a nonprofit.
  • A copy of the group’s adoption guidelines and adoption contract.
  • A letter identifying the veterinarian with whom the group works.
  • A list of persons authorized to act for the group.

General Rules

Animals entering the rescue system must be removed in a timely fashion. Animals will be made available to other rescue groups or individuals if not promptly picked up.

Once the animal is in the care of the rescue group we provide no further services.

Animals in the care of the rescue group may not be returned the HSJC except for behavioral or medical problems verified by a veterinarian. The rescue group must realize for these animals euthanization is a very likely outcome.

Click HERE for an application

FEES for Rescue Groups

Fees for each rescue group are evaluated individually. Every effort is made for the HSJC to recover costs and it is a requirement that all animals be spayed or neutered.